How to Make Homemade Kitchen Cleaners

We live in a time where we’ve recently discovered just how harmful some chemicals can be, and nearly everyone is looking for organic, natural ways to clean in order to sidestep potentially dangerous methods. Buying organic or natural can often come with a hefty price tag, which serves as a deterrent for many. If you’re thinking that there has to be another way, you’re right: making your own homemade kitchen cleaner is easy, cheap, effective and safe.

How to Make Liquid Dish Soap

It’s hard to believe that even dish soap can be harmful, but it can. Most chemical-filled store-bought dish soaps are filled with phthalates, which can effect men’s prostate health as well as the livers in both men and women. Why even go there? Simply make your homemade dish soap by combining Castile soap, all-purpose cleaner with a brilliant citrus scent, and essential oils (that part is optional). These things can be purchased online; they’re not cheap, but they’ll last much longer than traditional dish soap once you combine them.

How to Make Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing detergent is one of the most frustrating things to run out of, simply because it seems to happen all the time, and even the chemical-filled options aren’t cheap! Consider making your own detergent by combining salt, borax, baking soda and an ingredient found online called Lemi-shine. These ingredients combined will create an effective cleaner for your dishes that’s safe for your dishwasher, and smells great as well!

How to Make an All Purpose Cleaner

What do you use for those countertops? How about those icky spots on the floor, or on your appliances? You’ve likely used something like Windex or 409 in the past… all purpose cleaners that seem to do the job, smell clean, but leave chemicals and hazardous toxins on whatever surface you’re cleaning. Making your own, toxin-free, all purpose cleaner is actually very easy: simply combine salt, vinegar, water, and citrus peelings (orange, lemon and lime work great)! The salt and vinegar act as the main cleansing agents in this recipe, but the citrus works as the scent that overpowers the unappealing smell of vinegar that doesn’t sit well with most. It’s perfect for countertops, appliances, floors and most anything else in your kitchen!

Don’t become overwhelmed at using natural cleaners or making your own, and get stuck with a “clean” kitchen that’s really full of toxins. Consider checking out the aforementioned ingredients online and in your local grocery store, and putting in a tiny bit of effort to create your own homemade, completely safe kitchen cleaners. You won’t regret it!